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Arctic Ice Has Increased by Hundreds of Miles in Past 3 Years

Numerous manmade-global-warming alarmists predicted a decade ago that Arctic sea ice would disappear by 2015. Yet climatologist Steven Goddard says “The Arctic has gained hundreds of miles of ice over the past three years, much of which is thick, multi-year ice.” See here. Goddard’s post also provides links to headlines and “news stories” in which …

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“Almost Half” of Government “Temperature Data” is Now Fake

According to climatologist Steven Goddard, “Almost half of all reported US temperature data is now fake. [The government] fill[s] in missing rural data with urban data to create the appearance of non-existent US warming.” See here.As the globe continues its long-term cooling trend, the climate-change-socialist movement appears to be simply faking the data. Goddard states …

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