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New Poll: Vast Majority of Americans view Big Government as their Greatest Threat

Gallup polling has just found that a supermajority of voters, 69 percent, view big government as the biggest threat in the future. Amazingly, even a majority of Democrats agree that big government is the greatest threat. Only a tiny extremist minority (25 percent) view big business as the greatest threat. See here.

Puerto Rico: a Case Study in How Central Planning Benefits the Ultra-Rich

Fascinating expose’ in the New York Times yesterday. “Inside the Billion-Dollar Battle for Puerto Rico’s Future” The report details how the outrageous overregulation and overspending by Puerto Rico’s “leaders” led to territorial debts which are unpayable. In turn, Puerto Rico’s “leaders” sought bailouts from the world’s richest investors, promising a 20 percent annual return for …

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Socialist Venezuela Descends into Primitive Bartering

Socialism is a curse that should only be wished on a hated enemy. Any society that embraces it will eventually become sick and weak. The Miami Herald reports that the impoverished people of Venezuela–suffering from decades of socialist ‘rulership’–have developed a primitive bartering system to obtain basic goods.

Thomas Sowell: 56 percent of all households will be in the top 10 percent in income at some point in their lives

Trusters of the state frequently complain about “income inequality.” Yet Thomas Sowell points out that “the rich” and “the poor” are frequently the same people at different stages of their lives. In fact, 56 percent of all households will be in the top 10 percent of income at some stage in their lives. See here. …

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More than half of American households cannot scrape together $400

Frightening statistic in a new book: “HOW THE OTHER HALF BANKS,” by Mehrsa Baradaran. Government studies show that more than half of U.S. households cannot come up with $400 to cover a medical emergency without borrowing. Almost TWO-THIRDS OF AMERICAN HOUSEHOLDS lack enough savings to get by for three months. The book details the plight …

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The U.S. Already Has one of the World’s Most Anti-Rich Tax Structures

Political observer Michael Barone watched the recent Democratic debate very closely. His conclusions are here. The Democrats vying for President talked a great deal about “income inequality,” but offered few solutions to this alleged problem. A constant theme among current Democrats (and government trusters generally) is that “the rich” must be taxed more; and their …

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New study: Government Regulations are the PRIMARY Reason Why the Poor Cannot Launch Businesses

Trusters of the state often decry the gap between the rich and the poor and call for socialist policies to cure this allegedly growing gap. Specifically, they demand ever-more taxation and wealth redistribution, along with greater and greater levels of regulation on industry. But those very policies are the CHIEF REASON why the poor cannot …

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