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Socialist Venezuela Descends into Primitive Bartering

Socialism is a curse that should only be wished on a hated enemy. Any society that embraces it will eventually become sick and weak. The Miami Herald reports that the impoverished people of Venezuela–suffering from decades of socialist ‘rulership’–have developed a primitive bartering system to obtain basic goods.

Venezuelan Government Declares Martial Law to Fight “Smugglers”

Every economic regulation–whether laws governing labor, product quality, or prices of goods or services–creates a black market. And socialist countries which seek to regulate everything suffer (or, rather, experience the comforts and joys of) black markets in every commodity and industry. Here is a recent BBC story about efforts to thwart free-market transactions in Venezuela–a …

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Venezuelans resort to pet medications to survive

Socialism is a curse that one should wish only on a hated enemy. To adopt it is to set a course toward gradual poverty, sickness, weakness, pollution and disease. The only question is when. Venezuelans have voted for hard-line socialist politicians (such as the enigmatic Hugo Chavez) for decades. Venezuela has adopted “single-payer” (slave plantation) …

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