Secretary of State Kerry–Part of an Administration that Lectures Americans Not to Squirrel Money away in Off-shore Accounts–Has hidden MILLIONS in Off-shore Accounts


President Obama frequently lashes out at U.S. companies that seek to escape America’s high tax burden by headquartering overseas. Last week, after the release of the “Panama Papers” which show that world leaders who impose high taxes on their own subjects are hiding their own riches in off-shore low- (or no-) tax accounts, Obama lashed out at people who seek to get around high tax rates by doing the same.

Now it seems that one of Washington’s wealthiest government officials–Secretary of State John Kerry (who is married to an heiress to the Heinze Ketchup empire)–has hidden MILLIONS in off-shore, low- or no-tax, secret, investment accounts. See here!

(BTW Kerry was previously caught docking and registering his multi-million-dollar yacht at a wharf in lower-tax Rhode Island instead of his nearby home state of (high-tax) Massachusetts in order to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.)