Republican Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley Calls for Total Government Control over Social Media Posting.

GOP presidential hopeful and deepstate darling Nikki Haley recently pronounced her intention to force every social media user to identify himself by government approved name, to force every media company to hand over their “algorithms,” and to have the government constantly monitoring social media.

Haley is widely assumed to be the favorite of globalist elites who see the biggest problem in the world to be insufficient government control over humanity.

Haley’s remarks were made during a Fox News interview. Haley indicated that too much shitposting online is a “national security threat,” and that a requirement that everyone identify themselves by name would eliminate “bots.”

Of course, the “bots” are often government supporting and supported.

Every government in history has sought to force all critics of government to identify themselves. This government push is already a major component of “campaign finance” regulation.