Michigan government created snitch task force to hunt for doctors who didn’t push vaccines, masks

We all know that Michigan’s powermad governor Gretchen Whitmer locked down her state for months during 2020, destroyed hundreds of businesses and caused hundreds if not thousands of deaths of patients in hospitals and nursing homes by ordering exposures and treatments designed to kill patients.

But now it has been revealed that Whitmer’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs launched a snitch task force to hunt down and destroy the license and careers of doctors and nurses who refused to carry out government messaging and vaccination promotion.

“In some cases, doctors were reported for warning trick-or-treaters not to take the “vaccines.” In other cases, entire weddings were reported for not being masked in accordance with the guidelines of the CDC.

Holly Austin, a college nursing professor who holds a doctorate in nursing, could have lost her license over the “crime” of speaking as a parent at a public school board meeting in December of 2021 in opposition to the district’s proposed reinstitution of a mask mandate.

Some 200 other medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, were also probed by the state for similar phony “infractions,” including not wearing a mask or not actively promoting the wearing of masks.

In one of the cases, a doctor was reported to the state for shaking hands with someone who was not wearing a mask. In another case, a doctor was targeted simply for reporting that he had suffered a bad reaction to the injection.

Ljubisa Dragovic, Chief Medical Examiner for Oakland County, was reported for not wearing a mask while performing autopsies.

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