“Former” FBI agents control “content moderation” at Twitter

Here AntiWar.com’s Scott Horton talks with Alan MacLeod about the surprising number of former FBI agents who have joined the content moderation department at Twitter.

Remember during the Obama Administration when Facebook’s and Twitter’s CEOs and execs visited and had meetings in the White House dozens of times? (Some reports said hundreds of times.)

And then–around 2016–all these major platforms began to roll out “content moderation,” “fact checking,” and ‘anti-disinformation’ programs to censor anti-government speech and criticism.

MacLeod describes numerous specific examples of people who have spent their careers working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation before “pivoting to join the tech company” prior to retirement (which high-paid federal officers almost never actually do). MacLeod also talks about the research he’s done into Facebook, Google, TikTok and Reddit.