Government-supporting media sources are struggling to maintain their “mass formation psychosis” in the wake of Dr. Malone interview

The phrase “mass formation psychosis” was widely searched for after the eminent Dr. Robert Malone was interviewed on the widely watched Joe Rogan podcast. Malone said that Twitter and other social media sites permanently deleted him due to “horizontal” collusion between all mainstream media and government information sources. Malone, the inventor of Mrna technology and a critic of COVID-19 mrna injection mandates, has been scrubbed from the internet establishment for disputing the government-imposed narrative.

Critical observers uniformly acknowledge that all major establishment media sources are on the same page regarding the push to promote Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 “vaccines” and deny the efficacy of natural immunity or non-vaxx treatments. But many do not recognize that government is secretly driving the narrative—even among seemingly private tech platforms.

It has recently been leaked that the US Dept. of Homeland Security is “working with” mass media platforms to get the platforms to push government-approved messaging regarding the alleged pandemic. Messaging which strays from the government narrative is described as “misinformation” and deleted. The US Congress is also pushing to openly pay for pro-government “journalism” even as “journalism” in other once-free nations is already paid for by government.