Twitter, under government pressure, permanently bans Zero Hedge for asking if Chinese government created the coronavirus

Zero Hedge is one of the most popular independent financial and economic sites on Twitter. It has almost 700,000 Twitter followers.

But days ago, Zero Hedge published a news story entitled, “Is This The Man Behind The Global Coronavirus Pandemic?” The story was about Chinese government laboratories which are known to be developing biological weapons. The Zero Hedge report asked whether the Coronavirus–which has killed some 300 Chinese–may have been created in government labs.

The Chinese government has been demanding that all social media platforms remove any content which offers such suggestions. Facebook gave in to the Chinese government demands two days ago.

Now Twitter has PERMANENTLY BANNED Zero Hedge from publishing ANY content on Twitter.

“Last week, Twitter had said “those who engage in coordinated attempts to spread disinformation at scale about coronavirus issue will be removed from service.””