“Climate Change” is “the defining issue of our time” for only a tiny sliver of elites

The issue ranks second to last among Americans’ concerns.

The crusade to empower governments to protect the planet from alleged imminent catastrophic manmade global warming is a movement only of wealthy elites, new polling confirms.

This is despite hundreds of millions—no, billions—of dollars of spending aimed at convincing Americans to trust elites on this issue. There are even several universities which have created college courses and entire institutes on the topic of “climate change communication.” (Not the science of climate change; the science of how to persuade others to believe in the alleged science of climate change.)

A consortium of newspapers and reporters have signed on to global journalism initiative committed to promoting climate information in hysterical terms. Numerous reporters have turned whistleblower and exposed how mainstream journalism deliberately presents false facts in an orchestrated effort to scare readers into taking political action regarding the elusive threat of climate change.

But new polling by the Pew Research foundation has found that climate change ranks second to last among America’s concerns. “Between 2008 and 2013, it ranked last.” The issue rose to second to last each year from 2014 to 2019 except 2018 (when the issue rose to third to last).