Millionaire Michigan Troopers rake in $400,000 ‘pensions’ (on top of their salaries) WHILE WORKING

Government “workers” nationwide are often enriched by schemes which allow them to “double dip”: getting “retirement” pensions from one agency even as they “work” for another agency.

Now a report finds that senior Michigan State Troopers are collecting as much as $400,000 from THEIR OWN agency ON TOP of their pay.

Dozens of Michigan State Police employees have received payments of more than $300,000 to $400,000 in addition to their annual salaries. One Michigan State Police employee received $459,924.

Many others received more than $300,000 over the six-year period in exchange for agreeing not to retire early. See here.

In some cases, as with Long Island Railroad “workers,” it is customary for them to trip or stumble during their final years on the job—thereby earning lucrative “disability” checks for life in addition to their six-figure pensions.

Many government agencies base pension amounts on the average of the “worker’s” last 3 years on the job. A low-level janitor will be promoted to ‘district supervisor’ during his last 3 years in order to max out pension pay from struggling taxpayers.

The State of Illinois currently pays out more to its retired professors than it does to its entire University system.

Anyone living in Las Vegas can often see hundreds of these millionaire government workers gambling and partying during weekend junkets at luxury casinos.

“Disabled” Long Island Railroad employees can be seen on New York’s exclusive golf courses and drinking in private yacht clubs.

Meanwhile homelessness and desperation continue growing in the private sector.