Government workers are now America’s richest class

Government employees are now America’s richest class. On average, they make more money than self-employed business owners or private-sector workers.

New data shows what everyone has long suspected: Government “workers” have the highest median ‘earnings’ among all full-time, year-round American workers.”

“According to the Census Bureau’s Personal Income Table 07 (PINC-07), the competition isn’t close. When it comes to making money in the modern United States of America, government workers win.”

“Among Americans who actually earn income by working, they are the upper class.”

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As the reach of America’s intrusive, expansive government has grown, America is becoming a two-tiered, almost-feudal class system. Government ‘workers’ get prestige, first-class seating on some airlines and are even able to bump other Americans to economy class upon request.

Government employees, on average, make 14.2 percent more than private-sector workers and 6.1 percent more than the self-employed.

And the highest-earning class of workers–by far–are FEDERAL workers who pull down an average of $66,028.

(And this figure does not factor for benefits such as Cadillac pension, medical, and insurance perks; senior federal employees are given EIGHT WEEKS (that’s 2 months!) of PAID vacation annually.)

Studies show some federal employees perform essentially no work whatsoever. One federal “climate expert” at the EPA who earned over $200,000 annually was recently exposed for performing “absolutely no work” for an 18-month period. Federal VA workers at a VA facility in Colorado performed no work for an entire year.