United ‘first class’ seats are now mostly reserved for government employees–and higher-level government officials apparently bump lower level government workers to ‘economy’ seating as needed

As private-sector Americans struggle for existence, government officials and workers continue to gain wealth and privilege.

Here is a story published in the London Daily Mail (U.S. ‘mainstream’ news outlets have ignored it) about a school teacher who purchased a first-class seat on a United flight.

The school teacher was told before the flight that her ticket had been canceled, and was given a $500 voucher and a seat in the economy class (where poorer, nongovernment, travelers are seated).

The teacher noticed as she walked past seat 1A (which she had initially purchased) that the seat had been taken by Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee, a constant advocate of expansive, intrusive government who masquerades as a champion of the poor.