EPA predicts “hundreds of billions” of dollars of damages annually from climate change

The LA Times is out with another doomsday story about apocalyptic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2.

The LA Times cites an EPA study predicting ruined bridges, dirty air, crop failure, economic collapse due to lack of labor productivity and property destruction. Total costs–unless governments quickly advance toward socialism and controlling the energy industry–will be in the hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

(The LA Times bans all letters to its editors which question the apocalyptic “science” theory.)

Thus far, virtually every prediction of economic catastrophe made by climate change doomsdayists has proven false. Crop yields continue to increase despite predictions that crop yields would decrease; economic production continues to increase despite predictions that the U.S. economy would collapse from climate change; and the U.S. population continues to migrate generally southward despite predictions that U.S. populations would flee northward.