“Mainstream” climate science smears another skeptic

Professor Cliff Mass is one of the most respected faculty members in the University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Department.  Since 1982,   his research has focused on the role of topography in the evolution of weather systems, and on the weather of the Pacific Northwest. In addition to his research publications, Cliff Mass has published a popular book entitled ‘Weather of the Pacific Northwest.’

He has 13,000 twitter followers. Mass also has a weekly radio show with 400,000 weekly listeners (!)

But Professor Mass has recently come under fire after opposing Washington State’s recent “climate change tax” ballot initiative and publicly saying that California’s recent wildfires were not caused by “manmade global warming.”

The chair of the UW’s Atmospheric Sciences Department recently held a Department-wide meeting aimed at marginalizing and smearing Mass as a “climate denier” and “racist.”  (Mass had authored an editorial with an image of pigs at a trough–a traditional depiction of well-connected privileged elites feeding off of the body-politick–in which Mass had described how the State ballot initiative was designed to funnel millions of dollars to special interests such as Indian tribes and “pollution and health action areas” of minority and “vulnerable populations.”)

Dr. Judith Curry–herself a former professor driven from academia by relentless smears after she came out as a ‘climate skeptic’–has authored a detailed report.