Buchanan: Elites no longer rule the world

Pat Buchanan: former Nixon speech writer, presidential candidate, and prolific author

The ever insightful Patrick Buchanan is out with a column in which he surveys the international landscape:

“Capitals,” according to Buchanan, “– Washington, London, Paris, Berlin – seem ever more distant from the countries they rule.”

Two years ago 52 % of Brits voted to leave the European Union.  (Their government had made them a part of another country without asking their permission!)  Yet Britain’s government can not agree on the specifics of the “Brexit.”  Without a government “plan” for the Brexit, according to Buchanan, “The possibility exists that Britain could simply crash out of the EU, causing severe economic damage to both.”  (Note the same dire predictions were made immediately before the Brexit vote in 2016 but the British economy has been outperforming expectations since.)

In France, “[t]he political collapse of [President] Macron has been extraordinary.”  “In 2017, he won almost two-thirds of the national vote.”  He was thought to be the next recognized leader of the EU. “Today, one poll puts Macron’s approval at 21 percent.”