Pro- Government Extremist Faculty at Montana State University Vote to Deny Research Center named after Government-Critical Koch Brothers

America’s government-supported colleges and universities are temples of government worship and central planning. Almost any American who walks onto a college campus becomes immediately less free. MSU has speech codes and speech “zones.”

The faculty at MSU spew a steady stream of pro-government extremist research and sentiment. Their “research” on such matters as campaign-finance policy, science, energy, climate, and economics invariably favor the government and promote more government control.

Recently, the libertarian-leaning Charles Koch Foundation offered to donate $5.7 million to the University to establish a research center.

Although the pro-government Bozeman Daily Chronicle called the Koch Brothers “controversial,” the views of the Koch brothers are almost certainly closer to the views of the majority of Americans than are the views of the MSU faculty. See here.

The majority of MSU professors voted to take the money from the Koch Foundation but deny the launch of a Koch research center, apparently pursuant to the faculty’s view that research criticizing government control, regulation and policies should be disfavored.