Government’s War on Science: CDC Concealed Results of Study that Supported Private Firearms

Back during the 1990s, the government “Center for Disease Control” (CDC) was caught spending vast funds to fund gun control “studies.” The agency produced a variety of studies blaring such headlines as “Guns in the home are 43 times more likely to kill a family member than an intruder.” See here.

The government’s studies were poorly constructed and designed to promote anti-(private)-gun sentiment. Gun-freedom advocates were outraged and worked to get a Congressional ban on funding for such gun control promotion.

Government trusters complained that Congress’ gun-control-study ban was ‘war on science’ and sought to overturn the rule.

During the Obama years, the government trusters got what they wished. In the wake of the Sandy Hook saga, President Obama issued an Executive Orders giving the CDC $10 million to “research gun violence.”

But when the CDC’s “research” showed that private guns are generally safe and often used to thwart violence, the CDC SUPPRESSED THE STUDIES. See here.