Venezuelan children dying of starvation on a massive scale; government prohibits humanitarian aid from ‘capitalist’ countries

Just 25 years ago, Venezuelans were the healthiest and wealthiest people in Latin America.

Today, after numerous victorious elections by socialist politicians, the people eat out of trash cans, die in knife fights in food lines, and resort to prostitution to survive.

They rape the environment, killing birds, dogs, cats and anything that breathes or moves.

Even doctors teachers, and small children engage in prostitution for food. And thousands of children are dying of starvation and malnutrition. See here.

Meanwhile, the government has ordered a near-total blackout regarding health statistics. The country’s government health care system is reported to function at a “19th century” level.

And when people from ‘capitalist’ countries try to send humanitarian aid, the Venezuelan government intercepts it and turns it away. Accepting it would ‘send the wrong message.’ See here.