Remember all those emails to the FCC just prior to the FCC’s anti-‘net neutrality’ vote? They were mostly fraudulent.

Remember last week in the run-up to the FCC’s vote to overturn the prior FCC’s “net neutrality” takeover of the internet (from 2 years ago)?

“Mainstream” (meaning government-approved–and approving) media news reported that the public supported the 2015 government takeover of the internet and opposed the current FCC’s vote to overturn the prior FCC’s vote.

(In the 2 years since the prior FCC’s “net neutrality” takeover, internet innovation investments had already declined by more than 5%.)

Now we find out that the supposedly massive “public” disapproval of the current FCC’s ‘overturn’ vote was A FRAUD. See here.

Hundreds of thousands of comments were submitted to the FCC in spikes during the public comment period about its proposal to eliminate the 2015 “net neutrality” order; and, upon further investigation, were found to have been written not by humans, but by artificial intelligence programs using “natural language generators.” reports that “over a third of the nearly 22 million comments that poured into the [FCC] . . . included one of seven identical messages,” and “more than half were associated with duplicate or temporary emails.” Additionally, the New York Attorney General is also investigating reports that as many as two-million fraudulent submissions used the names and addresses of real people, both living and dead, from multiple states in a scheme to sway the FCC’s vote.

The fraudulent emails appear to have been on BOTH sides of the issue!