Trump Administration removes “climate change” as a “national security threat”

The greatest threat to national security has always been–and will always be–the government itself.

Consider the “Operation Northwoods” documents, unclassified in the 1990s. The declassified documents showed that the 12 generals and admirals in the Joint Chiefs of Staff–who held the keys to the highest-level “national security” filing cabinets in Washington, D.C.–were planning to kill the American people to get America into a war with Cuba.

The very people “in charge” of “national security” were the very greatest threats to it. They plotted to kill Americans in planes, buildings and cruise ships.

The same is surely true today. Somewhere in Washington, in the most secure offices of the U.S. government, there are government officials plotting to kill, maim, sicken and torture the American people to achieve their evil ends.

Now there is word that the Trump Administration has removed “climate change” as a recognized “national security threat.” See here.