The internet is free again: FCC votes to eliminate “net neutrality” scam

Two years ago, the FCC voted (without Congressional authorization) for a government takeover of the internet. Government trusters called it “net neutrality.”

Every claim made by the fanatical government trusters behind “net neutrality was false. Advocates offered hypothetical harms and hysterical prophecies; they claimed that evil corporations might soon start discriminating, or censoring, or charging the rich more than the poor.

Of course, internet providers would probably loose millions if they did such things.

And there are already thousands of pages of laws and regulations regarding unfair trade practices.

Over the past 2 years, after “net neutrality” was imposed, investments in internet innovation declined 5.6%. Companies were less likely to innovate, and at least one wireless company stopped working on free-data options. Watch this interview with courageous FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

Yesterday, the new FCC voted by split decision to end “net neutrality.” The government trusters behind “net neutrality” resorted to violent threats, racial intimidation, and even a bomb threat against the FCC during the vote.

Interestingly, the LARGEST players on the internet–those which dominate the market, including Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon–were on the side of the government takeover of the internet.

Amazon is the world’s largest company and its CEO is now the world’s richest person. Google, Facebook and Twitter together get 85% of internet ad revenue. Each of these megacorporations ENGAGES IN THE PRECISE CONDUCT that they claimed “net neutrality” would prevent their competitors from engaging in. (For example, Twitter, Facebook and Google have been caught repeatedly censoring government-critical sources and promoting pro-government sources).

These huge corporations supported “net neutrality” because it would keep down their competition. (Government regulation is always supported by the largest businesses, as it helps such businesses suppress their competitors.)


The FCC is a 5-person board which presumes to regulate “communications.” It is heavily partisan, with 3 members of the party in charge of the executive branch and 2 members from the minority party. Thus, the 3-member Republican majority recently replaced the 3-member Democratic majority when Trump became president. Yesterday’s vote was a split decision with Trump’s 3 members outvoting the 2 Democratic members, overturning the prior 3-2 vote from 2 years ago.

Now that the internet is free again, inventors are free to innovate and offer high quality goods at ever-lower prices. Poor upstarts may once again challenge the dominant players.