Special Mystery Guest added to Roster of Upcoming Las Vegas Symposium

The U.S. is probably still freer than many societies. But U.S. taxation rates are now greater than the world average. The size, scope and power of government in the U.S. is greater than that of any previous government in world history, and continues to grow. U.S. regulations increasingly prohibit poor people from working, investing, saving, launching businesses or employing others.

This coming Saturday, December 16, at Lysander Spooner University’s “Struggle for Freedom” conference, a SPECIAL GUEST LECTURER will address the audience from exile in a foreign country.

This individual recently fled the tyranny of constant government interference, regulation, harassment and persecution for the greater relative freedom of a foreign land.

This mystery guest is a rising star among the free thinkers of the Western World. Join us this Saturday at 4:00 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Asian Culture Center at 333. S. 6th Street, as this Mystery Guest will speak via skype about his or her commitment to finding freedom in an unfree world.