North Korean death squads take out country’s second-highest leader

The greatest trusters of government are always the first to be executed when total government is imposed.

During the Soviet period, those who most admired government, police, soldiers and central planning quickly rose through the ranks of the Communist Party.

But Stalin made sure to remove and kill all loyalists who got too close to replacing him.

Now North Korea is the world’s most government-controlled society. Its people live under hourly monitoring and government regulation. All transistor radios must have their dials soldered to the official government radio station.

The country’s “leader,” Kim Jong un, has ordered death squads to protect him from rivals. Recently, the death squads removed yet another influential North Korean official, Hwang Pyong-so. Hwang was the country’s highest general and widely thought to be second-in-command to Kim Jong Un. Hwang had been accused of having an “impure attitude” towards the ruling party. See here.