Brazil descends into government control, socialism and mass violence

For years Brazil has been the leader of South American tourism and commerce.

But yesterday’s New York Times featured a story on Brazil’s descent into violence over the past couple years. Last year, there were 61,619 people killed across Brazil.

At least 800 of those killings were by police.

The Times story suggests that government “corruption” and failure to invest in infrastructure is to blame.

What the New York Times did not report is that the scope and size of government in Brazil has been exploding in recent years. Even as Latin American countries such as Mexico are becoming more free, Brazil’s politicians have pushed for higher taxes, regulations and other burdens.

Cops are now seen all over the streets of Brazil’s major cities. Tanks roll through the streets.

Brazil is now ranked 104th out of 180 countries in press freedom; it was ranked 58th just 7 years ago in 2010.