Bombshell: “Sandy Hook Dad” drops lawsuit just before being deposed

Is this the beginning of the end of the Sandy Hook Hoax?

Two-and-a-half years ago, the “mainstream” (meaning government approved) news sources reported that a courageous “Sandy Hook dad,” Lenny Pozner, was (finally, after supposed months of emotional torment and harassment) suing “Sandy Hook Truther” Wolfgang Halbig for supposedly publishing Pozner’s address and phone number online. (The address is a P.O. box and Pozner apparently uses 5 or 6 different spellings).

The lawsuit was widely reported. See here (“Sandy Hook dad battles truthers nearly five years after Newtown massacre: ‘I’m not the type to turn a blind eye’”), and here (“Sandy Hook Dad (Lenny Pozner) Fights back Against ‘Hoaxers’ with Lawsuit and Hilarious Trump Pranks”).

But two weeks ago, a Florida judge ordered Pozner to be deposed and to provide answers to some of Halbig’s questions. And days ago–just before Pozner was scheduled to be deposed–Pozner DROPPED THE LAWSUIT.

This leaves Halbig not knowing Pozner’s real name.

Here is Halbig’s recent bombshell interview.