Leaked info shows Soros spending massively to push ‘climate change’ theme

“Climate change” is a constant theme of ultra-powerful elites. It barely registers as a problem or issue among democratic majorities.

For the past 2 decades, the earth’s governments and wealthy elites have tried to ram cap-and-trade and carbon-tax laws down the throats of long-suffering taxpayers on the grounds that only socialism and central planning can save the world from catastrophic-global-warming-by-manmade-CO2.

While skeptical science survives in dark corners where intrepid dissenters bravely question the elitists’ meme, the climate-change hysterics are funded massively by governments, corporations and the world’s richest people.

Now there is leaked information that billionaire pro-government extremist financier George Soros has been secretly spending millions to promote the hysteria. See here.