Allegation: The New York Times bestseller list is rigged to favor ‘liberal’ titles

The terms ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ have almost no meanings. “Conservative” can sometimes designate ideas which challenge the state; while at other times the term means the precise opposite. The same goes for ‘liberal.’ What was ‘liberal’ yesteryear can be seen as ‘conservative’ today.

But such designations can illuminate certain policy debates and conflicts. Regnery Publishing, which is sometimes described as the largest conservative publisher in the United States, is alleging that the “New York Times Bestseller” list (which formerly was recognized as the gold standard measurement of how a book is selling) has become inaccurate if not fraudulent.

According to Regnery, its ‘conservative’ releases often sell hundreds of thousands if not millions of copies but tend to not even appear on the New York Times ‘Bestseller list.’

Regnery believes that its title, Dinesh D’Souza’s The Big Lie, about the American Left’s past relationship and present affinity with the Nazis and their tactics, should have been ranked at number one in sales — but the New York Times trailed it in at number seven.

The New York Times organisation admits it “surveys” hand picked booksellers across the nation.

See here.

Regnery is severing all ties with the Times ‘Bestseller’ list–which may further erode the List‘s gatekeeping status.