FBI Agents Are Now Paid More than Doctors or Lawyers


Trusters of government can often be heard griping about the “one percent.” Often, these delusional government trusters call for more government; more government regulators of industry, more laws and regulations to control businesses, and slave-plantation-level taxation on industry. Yet increasingly, the one percenters can be found in the ranks of government bureaucrats. Consider that the average five-year FBI agent makes more than $120,000 annually in salary alone. And that figure does not include the benefits. The Lewrockwell.com report is here.

There are many communities in the west where the largest houses are owned by federal bureaucrats. It is as if federal policymakers are seeking to remake America in the model of nineteenth-century British colonialism, where huddled masses of peasants would be made to service the desires of an imperial governor in a gilded mansion.