American Universities Have Become Orwellian Thought-Control Zones Where Diverse Views Are Rarely Allowed


Brown University is like many others. Expensive, and overwhelmingly socialist in its messaging and content delivery. Reason Magazine recently reported on a debate at Brown University that featured a typical socialist, government-trusting professor (of which there are many hundreds if not thousands) debating libertarian-feminist Wendy McElroy. The Brown University students were so sheltered from non-government, alternative views that the organizers of the event set up a shelter area with stuffed animals, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets and cookies so that students could hide from McElroy’s views.

Reason Magazine reported that students at preschools and daycare facilities were better able to embrace diverse views. In fact,

To say that the 18-year-olds at Brown who sought refuge from ideas that offended them are behaving like toddlers is actually to insult the toddlers—who don’t attend daycare by choice, and who routinely demonstrate more intellectual courage than these students seem capable of. (Anyone who has ever observed a child tackling blocks for the first time, or taking a chance on the slide, knows what I mean.)