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Former Speaker of U.S. House, Who Presided over a Vast Prisonization of American Life, Now Indicted by the Feds

During the 1990s through the 2000s, Americans saw the most extreme criminalization and prisonization of any society in human history. Policymakers at every level created and extended a vast police state, with thousands of prisons, cops all over every street, troopers patrolling every highway and warrantless surveillance of virtually all communications. At the lead of …

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Two Phenomena That May Be Related: Voters Becoming Overwhelmingly Libertarian, Democrats Becoming Old and Tired

Economist John C. Goodman is out with an interesting column stating that libertarian voters outnumber conservatives and liberals. Specifically, “38 percent of the public identifies as “conservative” and 24 percent as “liberal” in the latest [Gallup] poll,” while at least one major [2006 Cato Institute/Zogby] poll found that fully 59 percent of Americans say they …

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