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Government college professors call for pro-Trump student protestors to be expelled

There is almost no free speech on today’s government college campuses. Faculty at the University of New Hampshire–a government institution supposedly subject to the Bill of Rights–are calling for two pro-Trump students in costume to be expelled. The two students showed up to protest an anti-Trump rally on the campus. See here.

Government university expels student for Facebook posts–and a federal appellate court upholds the expulsion!

America’s government universities are the least free places in the country. A nursing student at Central Lakes College was removed from the nursing degree program after a number of his Facebook posts were found to be ‘unprofessional’ by a government administrator. (Not threatening, defamatory or harassing.) And the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals–a typical …

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Colorado lawmakers inquire into the censorship imposed by state professors

There is no valid reason for governments to OWN universities. Every argument in favor of government universities is easily disproved. (For example, government universities have DECREASED the proportion of poor students in higher education, not increased it, see here; MOST government-funded research at government universities is flawed or false, see here; and government universities churn …

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Oregon State, U-Mass, Amherst, require students to take pro-government “social justice” classes

America’s government supported colleges and universities promote an endless stream of pro-government extremist content. This semester, students at Oregon State University will be required to take a course on “social justice.” Other government colleges such as the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, already require students to pass such courses. “Social Justice” is code for a pro-government …

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Portland, Oregon Public Schools Ban all Global-Warming Skepticism Materials

Not since the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial has a government school board imposed such a ludicrous rule on school curricula. Last week, the government school board of Portland, Oregon UNANYMOUSLY VOTED TO BAN all schoolbooks or other materials which question or doubt the government’s theory of apocalyptic manmade global warming. See here. This astounding act …

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Tennessee requires 300 hours of government training to shampoo hair

The poor in today’s America are getting poorer all the time, relative to the rest of American society. The reason is government regulation, which keeps poor people from being free to pursue rewarding careers or to otherwise be productive. Many states require licenses for people to enter even the simplest professions such as barbering, managing …

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Overpaid Detroit Public School Administrators Caught Skimming Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of ‘School Supply’ Money

Detroit public schools have exacted enormous funds from their surrounding taxpayers yet underperformed for decades. Now it emerges that some overpaid Detroit Public School Administrators have been funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars meant for ‘school supplies’ to themselves. See here. One Detroit principle accepted nearly $60,000 in bribes from a school vendor. The Detroit …

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Total Government Failure: Detroit Public Schools Spend as Much on Debt Service as Salaries & Benefits

Socialism is a curse that should be wished on one’s enemies. Markets always win in the end, and no big-government welfare state can outlive its financial irresponsibility. Here is a story about a public school system that has overpaid teachers and administrators so much for so many years that interest payments on its debts now …

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