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Government again moves to require financial “advice” columnists to be government-licensed

Governments worldwide constantly seek to require all workers to be government-approved and government-licensed. In the U.S., many occupations that poor people could enter freely in the past have been transformed into government-licensed occupations. Poor people must now go through expensive government “training” and approval processes just to work as hairdressers, manicurists, auctioneers, teachers or interior …

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The U.S. has now gone 10 consecutive years in which GDP growth never rose above 3 percent

China, India and other countries have seen their annual GDP numbers grow by 6 to 8 to 10 percent annually. Much of the world has embraced increasing freedom, commerce and capitalism. Life expectancies have grown, and people are living healthier and happier all over the world. But not in the United States. A period of …

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Felony charges for bartenders who sold Wisconsin beer in Minnesota

A pair of hapless bartenders are being criminally prosecuted for felonies. Their alleged crime? Transporting some Wisconsin craft beer into nearby Minnesota and offering it for sale at a Minnesota bar. See here!

63 percent of Americans are one paycheck away from homelessness

If you save anything in modern America, you are an utter fool. Government policies, such as near-zero Fed interest rates, massive and growing levels of taxation and regulation, and increasing government barriers to entering most careers have hollowed out the financial strength of the American working class. New figures show that 63 percent of Americans …

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In Effort to Strip Private Citizens of Guns, “Liberal” President Moves to Strip Mental Health System of Confidentiality

Every government ultimately comes for all freedom, all property, and to kill all who resist. For centuries, the law has recognized physician-patient confidentiality. Doctors who snitch on their clients or who disseminate private, confidential information regarding their patients have faced professional penalties. Now, in the never-ending quest of government to strip the private sector of …

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Billings tobacco shop shuttered by government for displaying a “cigarette rolling machine”: State claims the shop is an “unlicensed cigarette manufacturer”

In case more evidence is needed that Montana “Justice Department” officials need some budget cuts, the Department has recently targeted a Billings smoke shop because the smoke shop displayed a cigarette rolling machine. See here. The State claims the display of the cigarette rolling machine–which tobacco buyers can use to roll a couple cigarettes on …

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New study: Government Regulations are the PRIMARY Reason Why the Poor Cannot Launch Businesses

Trusters of the state often decry the gap between the rich and the poor and call for socialist policies to cure this allegedly growing gap. Specifically, they demand ever-more taxation and wealth redistribution, along with greater and greater levels of regulation on industry. But those very policies are the CHIEF REASON why the poor cannot …

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Associated Press cites “lack of regulation” as cause of increased prescription drug prices, even as overregulation is the primary cause of high drug prices

A case study in how the government-supporting media report business news through the lens of government. This weekend, dozens of prominent newspapers (including the Bozeman Daily Chronicle) reprinted an Associated Press (AP) story entitled “Side Effects: Lack of regulation, competition, research costs increase prescription drug costs in the U.S.” See the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s republication …

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Ridesharing is safer than taking cabs

For decades, the act of driving a cab has been preposterously overregulated. Government hacks in almost every jurisdiction have enacted stupid laws and policies requiring government licensing and approval of all cab companies. In many states, cab companies are ridiculously regulated as “public utilities” like water and electricity. Cab companies, in turn, have paid off …

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The Medical Industry is Now So Overregulated that Even Government Hospitals Can’t Fill Job Vacancies

American health care is so overregulated that the VA SCANDAL THAT BROKE LAST YEAR is still not resolved–and never will be. In order to “fix” the Veterans Administration health care problems that were much publicized last year, hundreds of new doctors, nurses and staff needed to be hired. But it turns out that hiring such …

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