Thousands of Georgia “voters” were registered at a single address. No one has ever been prosecuted. And the US Justice Department secretly coerced social media into censoring the story.

An astounding story is developing in the State of Georgia. Georgia’s Attorney General recently indicted former U.S. President Donald Trump and 17 others for election fraud. The specific claims are that Trump and various lawyers and officials claimed in 2020 that Georgia presidential vote tallies were rigged against Trump. Trump and his lawyers and support team challenged, spoke out, and sought and generally lobbied for Georgia election officials to investigate such election improprieties.

Now Trump and over a dozen others stand accused of felonies for their challenges. For the most part, mainstream news institutions have simply repeated and bolstered prosecution claims that Trump had nothing to complain about. Georgia’s 2020 election counts were just fine, they report.

But Project Veritas has revealed that the U.S. Department of Justice secretly warned, ordered or coerced social media giants such as Twitter to censor news that thousands of “voters” were registered to vote from a single address. See here.