Finnish government orders Helsinki bank to suspend two financial analysts who criticized lockdowns

Natural News is reporting that “[t]wo financial analysts were suspended and forced to retract their truthful research report which questioned totalitarian lock downs, vaccine efficacy and vaccine mandates.” Their employer, Nordea Bank, suspended Chief Analyst Martin Enlund and Global Chief Strategist Andreas Steno Larsen, banishing them from their website.

“When a Finnish government official (Mikko Karna) heard about [Enlund and Larsen’s] report, he lashed out and the bank was instructed to take down any dissent toward the government.”

“As a bank, our expertise is banking — supporting and advising our customers on their financial situation,” Persson said in a statement. “We leave medical advice to the experts and therefore, as a company, we follow the authorities’ guidance on vaccines against COVID.” Enlund, who worked his way up the ranks over the past ten years, ultimately followed suit with the government’s demands. He apologized and promised to keep his mouth shut, to please his masters. Their willingness to please government officials is one of the main reasons why CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY continue, unabated.

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