Wikipedia is not just editing its content to make it more pro-government. Now the site is removing links to anything critical of government.

Wikipedia was launched over a decade ago as an open-source online encyclopedia of information. It frequently comes up high on the first page of any search engine results for any search. Citizen editors produce much of its content but are banned from editing certain entries dealing with politics, government or other topics the government views as sensitive.

Whistleblowers have warned that the site took an extreme pro-government tilt several years ago. Larry Sanger, one of Wikipedia’s founders, admitted the site has become wholly an organ for “the establishment”–meaning the government and pro-government perspectives.

Now Steve Kirsch, the world-renowned serial entrepreneur and tech genius, has documented that Wikipedia is now destroying links to anti-government information and content.

By severing links to “anti-establishment” information, Wikipedia prevents readers from independently evaluating claims made on the site.