In 2017 the US government provided six projections for sea level rise due to climate change. Seas are already rising at rates BELOW the lowest scenario projection.

“The Battery,” New York is the fortress-like edifice at the very tip of southern Manhattan. It has a nice small park, walking distance from Wall Street and other sites in Lower Manhattan. Scientists and agencies have kept exact measures of sea levels at The Battery for over a century.

For years, sea levels at the Battery have gently crept upward–at a rate of around a foot PER CENTURY. But in 2017, a joint report by U.S. government scientists at the Commerce Department, EPA, NOAA, and USGS predicted sea levels would rise TWELVE FEET by 2100 due to manmade climate change by CO2.

The government report provided six models of projection for sea level rise. Each projection claimed to be a scenario based on varying degrees of climate change mitigation. “Th[e] extreme rise scenario, considered unlikely but increasingly plausible,” would mean roughly 10 to 12 feet of rise by 2100.”

But just a few years later, actual observed sea levels are rising at a rate LOWER THAN THE LOWEST SCENARIO projected by these agencies.