Border Patrol performs “standard sweep” of vehicle at Canadian border on election day; finds trunk load of stolen ballots in Postal worker’s car


U.S. Postal employees overwhelmingly support Democratic politicians. During 2016, Postal officials were caught illegally rewarding employees who campaigned for Hillary Clinton.

USPS employees are paid too much. The “Service” regularly contracts with regional private carriers who deliver mail for HALF of what USPS employees are paid. Thousands of Americans now apply for every USPS job announcement.

The “Service” enjoys every possible advantage in the marketplace. It pays no property, corporate, or income tax. It owns some of the world’s most strategic real estate in downtown areas. It has an unconstitutional monopoly over some of its services.

Yet the USPS loses billions annually and has lost almost a hundred billion dollars over the past 15 years.

This year–under the strained logic accompanying the Covid panic–the USPS was placed in charge of delivering election ballots (generally by Democratic governors’ decrees rather than legislative enactment–which is required by the plain text of the U.S. Constitution). Observers say the election is the most fraudulent in history–in any country.

Several Postal workers have been arrested for hiding, concealing or destroying election ballots.

On November 3, election day, U.S. postal worker Brandon Wilson was intercepted at the Canadian border after a “standard sweep” of his vehicle found numerous stolen ballots.

The incident occurred at the Peace Bridge port of entry near Buffalo, New York.

“A USPS mail bin containing numerous mail pieces was observed by a Canadian BP officer inside the trunk.”

“This comes as numerous USPS whistleblowers have come forward to Project Veritas to reveal that they have been back-dating mail-in ballots after Election Day.”