Top-tier universities now get A MAJORITY of their funding from the U.S. government

Teaching students comes second!

Why are America’s colleges and universities such sewers of pro-government extremist, socialist ideology? A new report by sheds light:

“In monetary terms, the ‘government contracting’ business of the Ivy League ($25.27 billion – federal contracts and grants) exceeded their educational mission ($22 billion in student tuition) [in Fiscal Years 2010-FY2015].”

Ivy League universities are now–in all essence–arms of the federal government. Their research agendas are almost wholly driven by U.S. government agencies.

Accordingly, Ivy League schools have been unquestioning in their adherence to pro-government extremist agenda items, such as the government’s climate-doomsday-by-man-made-CO2 “theory.”* These government contractor universities no longer teach students to debate the topic. Yale University, in fact, has an entire multi-million-dollar annual program designed to convince the outside world about the ‘theory.’

*An asterisk is necessary here because any actual scientific theory would be subject to rigorous testing and debate. By this standard, the climate doomsday argument is simply a messaging imposition, not a theory.