The “second wave” scam: governments amp up their panic hysteria

Between January and June 2020, governments throughout the world inflicted some of the most draconian impositions in world history upon their subjects. Governors ordered people locked inside their homes and decreed that all non-government-approved businesses must shut down, in order for governments to press their “public health” agenda regarding COVID-19

In some cases (e.g., Rhode Island), governors decreed that subjects must keep a journal of their daily activities and contacts, for government inspection. In some states, residents driving on streets or walking on sidewalks were made to show government permission slips showing that their travel was authorized for ‘essential services’ (as decreed by government).

Hundreds of Americans were arrested for violations of governors’ decrees. Many dozens of businesses went bankrupt (including Hertz, Pier 1, J. Crew and J.C. Penny), with hundreds more expected.

These government impositions depend on mass fear of coronavirus. But increasing testing shows fear of COVID-19 is mostly delusional. CDC found that death rates from COVID are comparable with the flu in all age groups.


From the beginning, government “health officials” have tried to monopolize all testing for the virus. The U.S. government has even fined and threatened innovators developing in-home testing products.

The President of Tanzania has shown that samples from pineapples and goats “test positive” for coronavirus in government labs. Early government tests couldn’t distinguish between coronavirus and water.


Throughout the imposition of the COVID scam, government “health officials” have used tricks of statistics and data manipulation to exploit fearful subjects. Half of all claimed “coronavirus deaths” are simply nursing home deaths–amidst populations with just weeks to live.

Now, governments are exploiting their growing testing efforts to claim that “cases” are on the increase. But by “cases,” they almost always just mean positive tests. Even as death rates plummet below 3/10ths of 1 percent, government officials continue to threaten a “second wave” of virus shutdowns unless subjects obediently subjugate themselves to government.