Just 4 powermad governors caused half of America’s coronavirus deaths

Just 4 states: New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Massachusetts, account for over half of America’s reported coronavirus deaths.

Ironically, those 4 states are the states where governors were most extreme in their supposed efforts to fight the dreaded virus. Michigan’s governor even banned gardening and banned people who owned two residences from traveling between their homes.

The New York Post announced on May 29 that New York’s largest hospital is now asking if its overuse of ventilators–incentivized by Medicare reimbursements as well as Governor Andrew Cuomo–contributed to that state’s highest-among-states death count.

“For so many sick COVID-19 patients, getting attached to a mechanical ventilator was a death sentence.” Some medical experts suggest that forcing the high-pressure air pumps onto weak patients actually caused many deaths.

But Medicare pays hospitals $13,000 for every patient placed on a ventilator, and $39,000 for every patient who is said to have died from coronavirus.

This of course incentivizes hospitals to overuse ventilators–and to pad or increase numbers of deaths.

Governors in New York, New Jersey and Michigan actually may also have increased deaths by forcing infections into nursing homes. They did this by requiring the facilities to accept infected patients. Cuomo declared that nursing homes “don’t have a right to object.”

Thousands died.