Postal worker rents storage unit to store mail he stole

The U.S. Postal Service loses over $5 billion annually despite having a monopoly, owning some of the world’s most prestigious real estate, and paying no income, property, or corporate tax.

Every inspection of a Postal facility has found undelivered mail hidden in trash bins or corners. USPS employees are paid more than twice what private sector workers would be paid for the same work, and hundreds apply for every USPS job opening.

Now another U.S. postal worker has been caught stealing mail. This time, the Postal worker even rented a storage unit to store his undelivered mail. See here.

Delacruz’s scheme was disrupted when he was spotted “unloading mail into a public storage facility” in Virginia Beach. A witness “snapped several photographs of the postal employee and a picture of the license plate of the employee’s vehicle” and provided the images to postal officials.