Are government scientists hiding recent coral data in order to promote climate hysteria?

Dr. Peter Ridd is the world’s foremost authority on the Great Coral Reef and the effect of climate on corals. Dr. Ridd’s research found that Pacific coral reefs are healthy and thriving.

Unfortunately for Professor Ridd, this conclusion conflicts with the official government position (expressed in government documents such as UN IPCC reports) that the world’s coral reefs are collapsing, weakening, dead or dying due to climate change.

Ridd was fired from his professor position at James Cook University in 2018. Ridd appealed and prevailed, but the Australian government is appealing to Australia’s highest court.

Now Ridd is out with a new–potentially more astonishing–report. For all the global talk and hysteria over climate change, government agencies have not reported any data regarding the Great Barrier Reef in FIFTEEN YEARS!

Government-favored scientists at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) have claimed that the coral reefs are declining 1 percent per year due to manmade climate change. “According to the AIMS curve, growth should now be 30% lower than it was in 1990 – a disastrous fall.”

Ridd’s research suggests the reef’s size is essentially unchanged. Why hasn’t AIMS published any data more recent than 2005?