Politico: “Mainstream” media is losing credibility by hiding “the whistleblower”

Eric Ciaramella is a privileged, highly-paid federal employee with a long track record of supporting pro-government extremist positions and the Democratic Party.

It was apparently Ciaramella who, while working in the National Security Council in July of this year, heard that Donald Trump had talked to the Ukrainian president (via telephone) about getting the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden for bribing Ukrainian officials while Biden was Vice President of the United States.

Ciaramella reportedly contacted Democratic Party operatives in Congress and then wrote the complaint which launched the current congressional impeachment inquiry against Trump.

The entirety of the “mainstream media” (a designation having little to do with circulation but which is better defined as media which is government-supporting and -supported) has now chosen to conceal Ciaramella’s name from news and press reports–calling Ciaramella a whistleblower.

(The argument is that Ciaramella might face threats if his name were revealed; but most observers view the true objective as shielding Ciaramella’s background and biases from scrutiny in mainstream news.

This mass deception is having an unintended consequence: alternative news sources are now seen as sources of reliable information while “mainstream” sources are losing trust (and readership).

Now the pro-government Politico magazine is panicking.

“By leaving the whistleblower’s mask intact, establishment outlets [and] the country’s top publications [are] at risk of losing the trust of their readers . . . .”