Worldwide, scientists who disagree with climate doomsday messaging are attacked, fired, defunded and ostracized

Tony Heller documents numerous cases where expert scientists who disagree with governments’ theory of manmade apocalyptic global warming are fired from their positions, stripped of support and funding, and violently attacked.

“This is how “consensus” is maintained – through the same thuggery used to silence Galileo hundreds of years ago. A return to the Dark Ages, by the same people who tell us they are “progressives.””

University of Washington climate professor Cliff Mass has recently described years of mistreatment on the UW campus. Mass has been sanctioned, admonished and silenced repeatedly for opposing a political initiative aimed at imposing a carbon tax on the residents of Washington.

At times, groups of graduate students have openly hissed, shouted and screeched at Professor Mass as he walked across campus. The UW administration has done nothing to protect him; and has actually targeted him for persecution.