Be Afraid: Government News Agencies are Teaming Up Worldwide to “Fight Misinformation”

The Agence France-Presse (AFP), the world’s oldest news agency (which is affiliated with the French government)
is teaming up with the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) (a branch of the British government) and other news organizations in a global initiative to combat nongovernment and anti-government news (which they call “misinformation.”) See here.

These government news bureaus are joined by several deep-state media powerhouses, including the European Broadcasting Union, the Financial Times, First Draft, The Hindu, the Wall Street Journal, CBC/Radio Canada, Reuters and the Reuters Institute, as well as partners Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

This pro-government conglomeration of news organizations will be “setting up a warning system between partner organisations on the most dangerous false information, whether it is a threat to people’s lives or to democratic process during elections.”

In recent years the growth of government-skeptical alternative private news sources has challenged the world’s governments’ control over information.