U.S. Senate Testimony: Google probably swayed 2.6 to 10 million voters to vote more pro-government in 2016

This should have been front page news worldwide, but it received almost no coverage.

Last week, during a hearing on Google censorship, a prominent psychology professor named Dr. Robert Epstein testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution that Google’s search engine is shifting millions of votes toward the most pro-government political candidates (i.e., the Democrats).

Note that Dr. Epstein is a committed Democrat himself.

Google claims that its algorithms are developed to track people’s searches and then to list the most-demanded pages from most popular to least popular. But in reality, Google’s pro-government programmers boost the most pro-government content and “shadow ban” anti-government websites and content.

Thus, when a person types a query about politics, culture or science into Google’s search engine, one gets a prominent list of highly censored content designed to emphasize good things about government and which buries information which is critical of government.

Hillary Clinton, according to Dr. Epstein, probably received 2.6 to 10 million extra votes because of Google’s manipulations in 2016.

Remember that Google’s executive Eric Schmidt met secretly inside the Obama White House hundreds of times. This RAISES THE QUESTION OF WHETHER GOOGLE IS A GOVERNMENT OPERATION OR WORKING FOR THE GOVERNMENT.