Saudi government executes teenager for social media posts about government

A 16-year-old Saudi boy posted several comments about anti-government protests on WhatsApp.

The boy was severely tortured, shocked with electricity, threatened with the murder of his family, and made to sign a confession without an attorney. This week the boy was convicted of “terrorism” on the basis of his tortured confession, and beheaded before a cheering crowd of government loyalists.

According to The Sun, the boy was targeted along with dozens of others for “terrorism” involving nothing more than posting reports about protests.

“The 37 citizens killed during beheading bloodbath had all been convicted of terrorism offences in the hardline kingdom. It emerged one man had even been crucified.
Saudi lawmakers insist the men were charged with “adopting terrorist extremist ideology, forming terrorist cells” and harming the “peace and security of society”.”

Statistically the average person in the world is more than 4 times more likely to be killed by his own government than by any foreign government or any criminal.