Google promised to stop working on its pro-government ‘Internet 2’; insiders say the company is still working on it

For years, Google secretly spent millions on efforts to build a second internet–mostly for the Chinese government. The project–called “Dragonfly” was kept secret even within the halls of Google headquarters.

Google’s second internet was designed to be totally pro-government. It was designed to censor out forbidden topics or any content which is critical of government.

But insiders within Google kept blowing the whistle on the secret project. Human rights advocates inside the company said that the Dragonfly project was being designed so that the Chinese government could identify internet users who typed in forbidden questions. This would allow cops or death squads to round up, imprison or kill such users.

In response to rising human rights concerns, Google executives announced months ago that they were ending the project.

But now insiders say there are indications the company is secretly moving forward with the project.

Strands of code associating with the Dragonfly system continue to be modified and changed. See here.