Google secretly continues building new censored, pro-government internet

The company’s own legal division is not allowed to know about or criticize the operation.

The Intercept is out with a stunning report on Google’s efforts to help the Chinese government build a pro-government, censored, internet.

* Google has contracted with Chinese companies (and the Chinese government) to build a huge new pro-government version of the internet.

* Google is building the pro-government “dragonfly” internet in secret–even from the company’s own workers. Only a tiny percentage of Google’s employees are allowed to know any details about it.

*Google engineers who criticized the operation were immediately removed and placed in other divisions of the corporation.

* Records of peoples’ searches are immediately available to the government. This allows the government to find and arrest or kill anyone who searches forbidden topics.

* All searches are linked to the searcher’s personal phone number and location at all times.

* Normally, all new Google products or operations must be cleared with the company’s legal division. This company rule supposedly prevents Google from getting into legal trouble. However, the Dragonfly search engine is being built without the legal division’s approval (or knowledge).